Adam Nitti Releases “Out of This World”

Adam Nitti: Out of This WorldSometimes you get the feeling that really great bass players might be aliens, and that may be the case with Adam Nitti. He’s just released Not of This World, an album that features jazz, funk, blues and rock songs tied together by the bassist’s astronomical playing. While his playing is consistently on point, his focus was on the overall songs. Nitti started his career as a recording artist in 1995 with his first solo album and sees the release as the sum of his compositional growth.

“I aspired for this album to be my most mature compositional work to date,” he says. “Particularly with my last few albums, I have wanted to put more of an emphasis on composition rather than just my role as a bassist. Although many of my arrangements offer a backdrop for me to exercise my own voice on the bass guitar, ultimately I want to make music that appeals to music lovers of all kinds, rather than just target a musician audience. My hope is that Not Of This World will accomplish that and inspire a diverse group of listeners from a variety of backgrounds.”

Get a taste of outer space with Nitti’s bass playthrough of “Cosmic Underground”:

Not of This World is available now on CD and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Not of This World Track List:

  1. Antisocialmedia
  2. Roofquake
  3. Cosmic Underground
  4. Oakwood
  5. Not of This World
  6. Francesca’s Day Out
  7. The Strut
  8. I Still Believe

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  1. mojobass

    Very cool light jazz vibe …with a nice groove .Cheers Adam .

  2. Doc.Hoc.

    That was down right nice and most fine basses you have.
    I’m real close to getting rid of my noisy uncontrollable vibrating rattling string bass.

  3. this record of Adam Nitti is one of THE records of 2015 for me. Fantastic muicianship and bass playing throughout the whole record