DigiTech Reissues DOD Meatbox Subharmonic Bass Synthesizer

DigiTech DOD Meatbox Subharmonic Bass Synthesizer PedalAnother legendary pedal is getting reissued as Digitech has announced the DOD Meatbox Subharmonic Bass Synthesizer is being put back on the market. The pedal, often championed by Juan Alderete, has been updated with several new features including true bypass, a TRS output, a 9-volt power supply input, and a blue indicator LED.

The Meatbox is much more than just a simple octave divider-type pedal that adds just an octave down, the Meatbox also adds additional subharmonic synthesized note an octave below that,” DigiTech marketing manager Tom Cram explains. “With 1990s originals becoming more and more sought after and harder to find, our updated DOD Meatbox lets a new generation of players add beef and unmistakable low-end impact only the Meatbox can dish out.”

The Meatbox has four controls: Octave, Sub, Low, and Output. The Octave knob acts as a blend by controlling the mix between the subharmonic signal and the dry, unaffected signal. “Sub” controls the boost or cut of the subharmonic frequency, while the “Low” knob controls the boost or cut of the low-frequency band. Its output controls the the output level and can add distortion at higher settings.

The new TRS jack allows for your signal to be split so the octave and sub signal can be sent separately from the original dry signal. DigiTech also says the new true bypass operation leaves your tone uncolored when the pedal is not engaged.

Check out Alderete’s review of the reissue for PedalsAndEffects.com:

The DigiTech DOD Meatbox Subharmonic Bass Synthesizer will be shipping in August with an MSRP of $187.44.

DigiTech DOD Meatbox Subharmonic Bass Synthesizer Pedal Features:

Based on the iconic DOD Meatbox circuit design with updated components
TRS Output
True bypass
9V DC power supply jack
Crisp blue status LED
Lighter aluminum chassis

For more information:

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  1. Mat

    Unreal. So stoked they brought it back!!! Already ordered one. Literally nothing like it.

  2. They finally gave it a name that makes sense. I wonder if anyone will miss the marbling?