Alissia Benveniste: On The Go

Funk bass phenom Alissia Benveniste is back with a new song and music video, and if you’ve been following her, you know this is about to make your day. “On The Go” brings all of the bassist’s thick slap grooves to an upbeat track that will have you tapping your foot.

“My vision for my music is to inspire people and spread positivity by pairing authentic funk music with a twist of modern pop,” Alissia stated. “In making the ‘On the Go’ video, the message was so important to me. The city of New York is the perfect example of always being ‘on the go’ and the movement of the dancers helped bring the feeling to life. I can’t wait for people to hear my upcoming EP… it’s an actual experience: you will go BACK TO THE FUNKTURE!”

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  1. I’m too hot (hot damn)
    Called a police and a fireman
    I’m too hot (hot damn)
    Make a dragon wanna retire man
    I’m too hot (hot damn)
    Say my name you know who I am
    Anyone else?

  2. Mike Matthews

    Just a badass bassist, great ‘pop-ish’ funk songwriter, and cute to boot… she IS going to be a star (aka professional musician). Digg’n all her positive vibes. Nieece!!!

  3. David

    Great sound.. Decent song.. Great playing.. But video was painfully bad

  4. mojobass

    Nice funkin’ work,Alissia…and you know I love those Lakeland basses?BASS ON !

  5. Davis Samuel

    This really disappoints me… I’ve really enjoyed her viral videos, but this song is a formulaic contrived piece of crap with some nice bass tone under it, not to mention the video is just as contrived. The vocals and the hook are terrible… That “na-na-na-nnn” thing she does just sounds stupid. She’s got her hat, and her promo pictures, and her social media presence… seems like she wants to be a star, but she forgot to make a decent piece of content. Here’s hoping the album is decent…

  6. Anthony

    I don’t think this song is worse than her others. She is good, not great writer. Her strengths seem to be her playing, band leading, and energy. I think the main difference here is that her latest video looks commercial, instead of those Berklee student project videos that put her on the map.

  7. Hayden Kirk

    Sounds a bit like Uptown Funk