MBS Effects Introduces Parallel Universe Bass Blender

MBS Effects Parallel Universe Bass Blender PedalMBS Effects has released the Parallel Universe Bass Blender, a pedal they describe as a parallel mixer that allows you to mix your dry signal with the pedals placed on its effects loop. The Blend feature has become more popular on many new pedals, but the Parallel Universe allows for blending with older pedals or with multiple pedals.

“Doing this, you can retain the body and attack of a bass when distorted, smoothly blend modulations and even play with the phase cancelations produced with different pedals,” the company states.

The pedal has a Blend knob for dialing in the dry to wet ratio, a Level knob for the overall output, a Phase button, and internal Send and Return Levels. MBS also states the pedal can be used as an active splitter, an active mixer, a true bypass loop, a signal muter, a Line Driver, and more. Other features include invisible buffering and true bypass switching.

The MBS Effects Parallel Universe Bass Blender is available now for $90.

MBS Effects Parallel Universe Bass Blender Pedal Features:

Invisible Buffering
True Bypass switching
Blend, Level, Phase, Send Level and Return Level controls
Suitable for Bass and Guitar
2 year warranty

For more information:
MBS Effects

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