Bass Gear Roundup: The Top Gear Stories in September 2015

After the end of a month, we like to celebrate with a look back at the popular gear stories of the month. Yes, it can cause GAS, but that’s part of the drill, right?

Here are the 10 most popular bass gear stories for the month of September on No Treble.

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Mesa Engineering Introduces Subway Bass Series

1. Mesa Engineering Subway Bass Series

Mesa Engineering has gotten into the world of lightweight amplifiers with their new Subway Bass Series. The lineup includes the company’s first ultra-lightweight Class D amplifier and a pair of bass cabinets loaded with neodymium speakers…

Pedalboard Supplies Introduces Pedal-Links Effect Mounting System

2. Pedalboard Supplies Pedal-Links Effect Mounting System

Bassists using pedalboards have a new option for keeping their effects in place with the Pedalboard Supplies Pedal-Links Effect Mounting System. Pedal-Links utilize the housing screws found on the bottom corners of most pedals to fasten them to your pedalboard…

NOISE Audio Design Unveils The Perfect Storm Bass Preamp

3. NOISE Audio Design Perfect Storm Bass Preamp

Veteran tube amplifier tech Blackie Pagano of NOISE Audio Design has unveiled The Perfect Storm, a limited edition high-transconductance, high-current tube bass guitar preamp. The sleek preamp takes its moniker from a realization Pagano had after receiving a box of Russian-made 6C45pi tubes, which are sensitive to audio signals…

Ibanez Introduces New SR500 Series Basses

4. Ibanez SR500 Series Basses

Ibanez has announced two new basses to their SR500 series with the SR500TFF and the SR505TFF. The basses, which are four- and five-string versions of the same model, feature mahogany bodies with a traditional Tri-Fade Burst Flat finish…

Jeff Genzler Launches New Company, New Bass Cabinets

5. Jeff Genzler: New Company and New Bass Cabinets

Jeff Genzler, founder and former head of Genz-Benz, has launched a new company called Genzler Amplification. The bass industry veteran first offerings from the venture include a trio of bass cabinets: The Bass Array 12-3, the Magellan 112T, and the Magellan 212T…

ZÜE Engineering Releases The 9V Backpack Power Adapter

6. ZÜE Engineering 9V Backpack Power Adapter

When ZÜE Engineering used a 9-volt center negative plug to battery adapter to demonstrate their On TIMER pedal, they didn’t realize they had already created their next product. The 9V Backpack external power adapter plugs into your pedal’s power supply input and connects to a 9-volt battery…

Willcox Introduces Saber SL HexFX Edition Basses

7. Willcox Saber SL HexFX Edition Basses

Willcox is now shipping a new version of their Saber SL bass called the HexFX Edition. The new model has a 13-pin DIN connector that allows for individual string outputs in addition to the Lightwave Optical Pickup System…

Teye Guitars Unveils Super Coyote Bass Prototypes

8. Teye Guitars Super Coyote Bass Prototypes

After relaunching the brand earlier this year, Teye Guitars has unveiled the prototypes for a new bass model called the Super Coyote Bass. The instrument, which feature the company’s signature acid-etched aluminum artwork, was designed with AC/DC bassist Cliff Williams…

Barefaced Audio Announces One10 Bass Cabinet

9. Barefaced Audio One10 Bass Cabinet

UK’s Barefaced Audio has revealed the next bass cabinet in their amplification lineup with the One10. Weighing in at 15 pounds, the cab is their most compact offering, but that doesn’t make it sound small…

Ampeg Introduces All-Tube Portaflex Bass Amps, 1×12 Cabinet

10. Ampeg All-Tube Portaflex Bass Amps and 1×12 Cabinet

In 2011, Ampeg launched the Portaflex Amp Series featuring solid-state preamps inspired by their iconic B-15 amp. Now the company has expanded the line with the PF-20T and PF-50T, a pair of all-tube bass amps they describe as “modern interpretations of Ampeg’s legendary low-wattage, all-tube designs”…

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    Just Purchased a Hartke Kickback 15 120 watt bass amp and it sounds like gold. I’ve played through many amps in my many many years in the entertainment business but there’s just something about the way Hartke’s Aluminum speakers emphasize the slappin’ & pluckin’ and if you wanna get that melodic feeling Hartke is flexible enough to do just about anything. I love it…..