Keeley Electronics Introduces the Seafoam Plus Chorus

Keeley Electronics Seafoam Plus Chorus PedalKeeley Electronics has introduced the Seafoam Plus, a stompbox that packs a chorus, double tracker, and reverb into one pedal. It uses the company’s new DSP platform and can be internally switched to be tailored for bass or guitar.

“We have expanded on the success of our Automatic Double Tracking and Chorus by combining the sounds on our new DSP platform using the 24-bit Spin FV-1” CEO Robert Keeley explains. “We have created algorithms that are new and unique in the stompbox world. We have crafted really warm sounding, true chorus tones and added pitch tuning without modulation and reverb that is not possible in the analog world.”

The Seafoam Plus has twelve modes of operation between the three selectable modes (ADT, Seafoam, and Dual Chorus) and in Guitar or Bass tuning via the internal switch. Bass mode shifts the frequencies to better suit the instrument. It also drops the reverb in favor of adding static flanger modes and tremolo modes.

The pedal has a mix control for going from completely dry to completely wet signals, allowing for players to use it as a pitch vibrato or or in an effects loop. Keeley builds the pedal by hand in Edmond, Oklahoma.

The Keeley Seafoam Plus Chorus is available now with a street price of $189.

Keeley Electronics Seafoam Plus Chorus Pedal Features:

Keeley True Chorus & Vibrato
Double Tracker with Reverb
Select Guitar or Bass Performance
Amp Tone Simulation

For more information:
Keeley Electronics

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