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Fredric Effects Announce the Deeply Unpleasant Companion Bass Fuzz Pedal

Frederic Effects Deeply Unpleasant Companion Fuzz PedalFredric Effects have introduced the Deeply Unpleasant Companion, a bass fuzz pedal that builds upon the Shin-Ei FY-2 Companion Fuzz. The new model has a modified circuit to preserve more low end frequencies, plus a new clean blend function for mixing your direct signal with the dirty signal.

The pedal also has a volume boost circuit to avoid volume drop found in vintage Shin-Ei FY-2 pedals. Other features include a custom powder coated enclosure, PCB construction, Cliff jacks, and an Alpha footswitch and pots.

The Fredric Effects Deeply Unpleasant Companion is handmade. It’s available now for approximately $145.

Fredric Effects Deeply Unpleasant Companion Fuzz Pedal Details:

Custom enclosure fabricated for Fredric Effects in North London
Professional powder coating and screen print
PCB construction (not perf or vero)
Cliff jacks
Alpha footswitch and pots

For more information:
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