Peavey’s MiniMEGA Bass Amp Now Shipping

Peavey MiniMEGA Bass Amp

Peavey is now shipping their MiniMEGA 1000 watt bass amplifier. The nine pound head unit utilizes the company’s KOSMOS circuitry to provide increased bass impact. Further, the company includes exclusive psychoacoustic low-end enhancement adds bass without overburdening speakers.

The MiniMEGA is packed with a built-in compression, a 4-band EQ, Punch and Bright switches, and semi-parametric mid controls with narrow Q controls. Its back panel has a comprehensive DI output with XLR & 1/4″ outs, aDI pre-post switch, a ground lift, and Pad controls. Other features include a mute control, a tuner output, user-definable control surface color lighting, and a footswitch output.

The Peavey MiniMEGA is shipping now with a street price of $599.99.

Peavey MiniMEGA MiniMEGA Bass Amp Details:

1,000 Watts continuous into 4 ohms (1,500 Watts burst power)
Gain control with crunch button
Built-in optical compressor with defeat switch
4-band EQ with Punch and Bright switches
Mid controls feature semi-parametric control with narrow Q controls
Built-in KOSMOS® bass enhancement and psychoacoustic sub controls
Master volume with mute control
1/8″ headphone output
Two twist-lock combo 1/4″ outputs
Tuner output
Effects loop with bypass
DI output with XLR & 1/4″ outs. DI pre-post switch, ground lift and Pad controls
MIDI footswitch input
User-definable control surface color lighting
Foot-switchable crunch, compressor, KOSMOS®, FX loop, and mute
DDT limiter
9 lbs.
Comes with carrying bag

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  1. Jaime

    Another peavey failure. I’m sure this will be just like my combo amp sent it back three times all retuned with the same results intermittent operation and even sending three different units the same result. Just ended up selling it on Craigslist for a 200.00$ loss will never buy peavey Amos of any kind ever again!!!! Live and Learn People

  2. David Desmond

    In plain language I would like to know what “Psychoacoustic low end enhancement” is and just how it would prevent blowing out speakers yet providing bass.