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Electric Moon’s “Theory of Mind” Available

Electric Moon: Theory of MindGerman psych-rock trio Electric Moon’s live album, Theory of Mind, previously available in 2015 as an import, has gotten an American release.

The band, featuring bassist Komet Lulu (who also created the album’s cover art), recorded the album in February 2014 in Heidelberg, Germany, and as the record has filtered out there, response to it has been good.

Just check out a piece of a review from the site The Obelisk: “It’s not quite like watching them play in-person, but it’s the next best thing, and the chance to hear the 19-minute breadth of “Theory of Mind” itself is something special, the song moving from another taking-its-time beginning into wah and bass bliss over liquefied cymbal work before emerging with a classic howl of a solo and evolving naturally into a heavier and heavier push, Lulu‘s bassline hypnotic all the while beneath…“

Take a listen to the title track:

Theory of Mind is available on CD.

Theory of Mind Track List:

  1. Hypnotika
  2. Theory of Mind
  3. The Picture
  4. Aerosoul