Tower Of Power: What Is Hip? (Chicago 1977)

Today is Rocco Prestia‘s birthday, and we thought we’d celebrate with this old school clip of Tower of Power.

Here’s the band performing “What Is Hip?” in Chicago in 1977.

Happy birthday, Rocco!

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  1. Willy

    Did the blues brothers borrow their choreography from the tower that is the power? And, unh huh, oh yeah, that’s how you do it?

    • glenn grant

      ironically Lenny Pickett, the guy leading the dancing horn section, has been the SNL musical director for 30+ years. he was still with ToP when blues brothers came out though….

  2. John

    I think the singer murdered someone and is either in jail or dead.

  3. Dave

    The singer would be a great Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar

  4. For me it’s a great Band, The Best funk and soul band í’ ve ever heard in my whole life. I’m a big fun of their music since í heard the first álbum. Í hope they play until í die, and thanks for sharing this fabulous videos.