Eastwood Guitars Recreates Devo “Be Stiff” Bass Guitar

Devo: Be Stiff

Devo was known for outlandish instruments, and Eastwood Guitars has a knack for bringing retro oddities back to life. That’s why they’re planning on remaking Jerry Casale’s “Be Stiff” bass from the Freedom of Choice tour in 1979 and 1980.

The original bass was concocted around a Gibson EB-3 neck and parts Casale had around. “Neither Bob [Casale] nor Jerry were professionals at customization and it is interesting to note that these were ‘Frankensteined’ by guys who were – like their music – just inspired to do something different than the norm,” Eastwood writes.

The recreation will feature a 30.5-inch scale with a maple neck and mahogany body. It will be fitted with a pair of pickups with a three way switch in addition to volume and tone controls. As with Casale’s, the bass will come in orange with a black headstock and neck back. Its headstock has been redesigned in the shape of the Devo Energy Dome with a Devo logo.

Here’s a clip of Devo performing “Be Stiff” in 1980 with the bass in action:

The Eastwood Devo “Be Stiff” Bass was introduced on the company’s crowd-funding pre-order platform and will go into production once their goal of $1,600 is met by June 2nd. The bass has a targeted final price point of $499. Pre-order deposits of $150 will also receive a free gigbag.

Eastwood Be Stiff Bass Schematic

Eastwood Devo “Be Stiff” Bass Details:

Controls:3-way Pickup Switch, Volume, Tone

For more information:
Eastwood Guitars

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