Rush: Working Man (Live, 1974)

In April 1974, Rush took the stage at the Laura Secord Secondary School in St. Catharines. Here’s a clip of the band performing “Working Man”, which includes John Rutsey on drums (who was replaced by Neil Peart just a few months later) and Geddy Lee rocking a P-bass.

The tape of this concert was found during the making of Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage, according to a 2010 story in The Globe and Mail:

“In the basement of Anthem, Rush’s Toronto management company, there sat an old video tape in an obscure mid-1970s format. It was apparently labelled ‘Pinkpop,’ referring to a Dutch music festival, but no one was sure… But that one old video tape was so outmoded – using an early cassette standard called EIAJ-II – that it had to be sent to Los Angeles to be transferred to digital video… What came back was the Holy Grail of Rushdom. It wasn’t from a performance at Pinkpop. It showed the band, still in its Led Zeppelin phase and with original drummer John Rutsey, playing in front of an audience of high-school kids at Laura Secord Secondary in St. Catharines, Ont. The band is rockin’, if generically so, and barely older than the kids clapping along…”

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