Weekly Top 10: MonoNeon on Prince, Jam Session Etiquette, Talking Style, Top 10 Bass Gear, Arthur Barrow Podcast and More

I love sharing the weekly top 10 reader favorites with you each week. But something about this one feels extra special.

Thanks for reading, watching, commenting and sharing. And a big thanks to all of the No Treble contributors and guests, who offer such amazing stuff in the world of bass.

MonoNeon on Playing with Prince

1. MonoNeon on Playing with Prince

When Prince died on April 21st, the world lost another legend. Prince kept top-notch low-enders by his side throughout his career, and most recently, he was working with Dywane “MonoNeon” Thomas, Jr. The bassist shares his experience…

Jam Session Etiquette

2. Jam Session Etiquette

A reader asked for advice on how to approach jam sessions and the etiquette for those open jams. Damian put together this new “Ask” column in response, providing a solid checklist for how to hit the stage the right way…

Los Kamikazes: Nuevo Planeta

3. Los Kamikazes: Nuevo Planeta

Here’s a brand new video featuring some seriously great bass by Fernando Lamadrid. Fernando wrote this tune, which was arranged by Los Kamikazes – the band in this video. Holy smokes…

Bass Gear Roundup: The Top Gear Stories in May 2016

4. Bass Gear Roundup: The Top Gear Stories in May 2016

Happy June. Now that May is in the books, it is time to celebrate the top 10 reader favorite bass gear stories for the month. Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing. And sorry for the GAS…

Talking Style: Flavoring the 3:2 Clave

5. Talking Style: Flavoring the 3:2 Clave

In this episode we’ll continue to explore the Afro-Carribean influence on the musics that we know as Rock and Roll and R&B. Blyss shows you just a few ways that he uses note length and some other “flavor packets” to spice up the 3:2 Clave and give it your own style and personality…

Ben Titus: Looping Bass Arrangement of “Radioactive”

6. Ben Titus: Looping Bass Arrangement of “Radioactive”

Bassist Ben Titus sent in this awesome looping arrangement of the Imagine Dragons hit “Radioactive”, and I’m glad he did. He gets a gorgeous tone from his six-string and creates a perfect pad with his chord voicings…

Tom Barger and Leland Sklar: Jamaica Rendezvous

7. Tom Barger and Leland Sklar: Jamaica Rendezvous

May 28th is Leland Sklar‘s birthday, and we celebrated with another great video. If ever you’re looking for a lesson in tone, taste, and time, just look up a video of Lee. Here’s a duet he shared of “Jamaica Rendezvous” with the late singer/songwriter Tom Barger…

Bass of the Week: Jersey Girls Goose Bordeaux

8. Bass of the Week: Jersey Girls Goose Bordeaux

This week we’re checking out a Goose bass by Jersey Girls Homemade Guitars. This particular bass – built by the team of luthiers Kaz G, Akiko Oda and Eiko Goto – is called the Bordeaux for the lovely wine colored finish over its light ash body…

Groove – Episode #18: Arthur Barrow

9. Groove – Episode #18: Arthur Barrow

In this episode of Groove – the No Treble podcast, we talk with bassist Arthur Barrow, who played with Frank Zappa, Robby Krieger, Joe Cocker, Billy Idol, Janet Jackson and more. Enjoy the conversation…

Working with Printed Transcriptions

10. Working with Printed Transcriptions

Studying transcriptions of masterful performances can provide a wealth of learning material for a musician. There is a great deal to be gained by working from published transcriptions by other musicians, provided we approach them correctly. Dr. D shows us the way…

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