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Troy Hughes: Rush’s “The Big Money” Playthrough

Troy Hughes has a knack for nailing Geddy Lee’s lines. So much so that he’s featured on the Rush website. However, he couldn’t quite get the tone perfect for songs from the Power Windows album until an incredible trip to get the bass he’d always wanted.

Hughes procured a Wal bass from former Puddle of Mudd bassist and founding member Sean Sammon. “I had quite an adventure flying from NY to Florida to pick it up and hand-carry it back with me, which I wrote about in great length in the section [in] the video [description],” Hughes told us. “This is the song I always dreamed of playing on a Wal and recorded it as soon as I got back home with the bass. I find that I can usually get in the neighborhood of Geddy’s sound using the Jazz bass and Ric on the material he used those basses on. But neither gets as close, out of the box, as this Wal does to his sound on the Power Windows album.”

Check out the full story on Youtube, and get a load of that tone right here: