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Bill Laswell’s Latest Melds Music & Literature

Bill Laswell: The Road to the Western LandsExperimental composer/bassist/producer Bill Laswell has reissued a work previously available only in a 100-CD limited edition at a show in honor of the late postmodern novelist William S. Burroughs.

The piece, The Road to the Western Lands, pairs a recording of Burroughs reading from his book “The Western Lands” and Laswell’s music, which has been remastered and enhanced since the original issue (also, this album should not be confused with a remix album with the same title.)

The Road to the Western Lands is available in a digital format on Amazon and Bandcamp.

Preview the album:

The Road to the Western Lands Track List:

  1. The Western Lands/Hashisheen
  2. The Western Lands
  3. Seven Souls
  4. Soul Killer
  5. Words of Advice for Young People
  6. The End of Worlds

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