Bass of the Week: Barton Basses 11-String Fretless Harpbass

Barton Basses 11-String Fretless Harpbass Neck Profile

Barton Applewhite of Barton Basses sent this in for us to check out and it stopped me in my tracks. This monstrous 11-string fretless Harpbass includes a four regular bass strings plus seven standalone harp strings.

“[The bass is] constructed of swamp ash [and] a flame maple neck through with a cocobolo top,” the luthier shares. “It has Bartolini pickups and a b-band pickup for the ‘harp’ strings. Harp can be adjusted to different open tunings. I usually tune to some sort of open E minor tuning.”

Now that’s a harp I’d like to hear!

Barton Basses 11-String Fretless Harpbass Specs:

Scale:35″ for Bass Side
Body:Swamp Ash
Neck:Flame Maple
Pickups:Bartolini, B-Band for Harp Strings
Bridge:ABM Single Bridges

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