Bass Gear Roundup: The Top Gear Stories in November 2016

We covered lots of new bass gear in November. Here are the top 10 reader favorites for the month.

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Sadowsky Introduces 3-Knob Onboard Bass Preamp

1. Sadowsky 3-Knob Onboard Bass Preamp

Sadowsky has released a the 3-knob Onboard bass preamp, which is their first to be available as a prewired drop-in for J style basses without a side jack. No soldering is required to install it in your bass…

Epiphone Unveils Limited Edition Korina Explorer Bass

2. Epiphone Limited Edition Korina Explorer Bass

Epiphone has released a line of limited edition instruments featuring korina wood, including the Limited Edition Korina Explorer Bass. The bass sports the classic explorer body shape and comes loaded with a set of Epiphone’s XR and XT humbuckers…

Mesa Adds 2×10 Cabinet and DI/Preamp Pedal to Subway Series

3. Mesa Subway Series 2×10 Cabinet and DI/Preamp Pedal

In addition to introducing the Subway D-800+ bass amp, Mesa/Boogie has added to the Subway series with a 2×10 Ultra-Lite Cabinet and a Bass DI-Preamp. Both new products are made in Petaluma, California…

Sadowsky Unveils Vintage Style Single Cut Bass

4. Sadowsky Vintage Style Single Cut Bass

Roger Sadowsky and crew have introduced a vintage version of their Single Cut model, which was introduced earlier this year. The bass retains the specs of the original bass with two key differences: different pickups and the inclusion of a pickguard and control plate…

ESO Releases Bass Strap

5. ESO Bass Straps

The ESO Strap line has been expanded to include a bass-specific strap. Available in seven colors, the straps are manufactured in Seattle, Washington. The ESO Bass Strap features a contoured “S” shape to avoid pressure points and digging into your neck…

Chemistry Design Werks Introduces the Holeyboard Dragonfly Pedalboard

6. Chemistry Design Werks Holeyboard Dragonfly Pedalboard

Chemistry Design Werks has introduced an innovative new pedalboard called the Holeyboard Dragonfly. Building on their original Holeyboard design, the Dragonfly can be set up in 10 configurations without the need of additional parts…

Strictly 7 Guitars Announces Python, Copperhead, and Sidewinder Basses

7. Strictly 7 Guitars Python, Copperhead, and Sidewinder Basses

The extended range specialists at Strictly 7 Guitars have officially launched a new line of bass guitars. The series includes three models: the Copperhead, the Sidewinder, and the Python. “The Copperhead was the original bass model we started in 2013 with Simone Bertozzi of Mnemic,” the company shares…

Eastwood Custom Shop Unveils the Classic 5 Bass

8. Eastwood Custom Shop Classic 5 Bass

Eastwood will be introducing a five-string version of their Classic hollow body bass as part of their crowdfunding platform. The Classic 5 Bass will be built with a bound laminated maple body, maple top, and bound f-holes…

Ear Trumpet Labs Introduces Nadine Upright Bass Microphone

9. Ear Trumpet Labs Nadine Upright Bass Microphone

Double bassists have a new option for amplifying their instrument with the Ear Trumpet Labs Nadine microphone. The medium-large diaphragm condenser mic is specifically designed for upright bass with its low end tuned to give a flat response at the mounting distance…

Overload Guitars Introduces the Taurus Bass

10. Overload Guitars Taurus Bass

Italian custom instrument company Overload Guitars has unveiled a new bass model called the Taurus. The four-stringer is customizable but comes standard with a swamp ash body, flamed bubinga top, and seven-piece maple/bubinga/wenge neck with a resin fingerboard…

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