Rocket Surgeon Labs Unveils Seratone: Mood Altering Fuzz

Rocket Surgeon Labs Seratone- Mood Altering Fuzz Pedal

Rocket Surgeon Labs has announced their first effects pedal called the Seratone: Mood Altering Fuzz. The company is a division of Nordstrand Pickups with the pedal being the brainchild of John “Dr. Vatone” Contreras.

“In development for about 2 years, this bass fuzz is a no compromise kick in the head effect,” the Nordstrand website states. “There is no clean blend, just pure fuzz. This is the way Odin intended. It works best with a passive bass to feed the first gain stage the proper impedance value to get the fast attack and choppy, almost gated decay with staccato playing.”

The Seratone has a tone stack with passive bass and treble controls that interact with each other for “subtle to aggressive changes in tone.” A Mood control affects each of the filters and the last gain stage.

Check out this demo by Carey Nordstrand:

The true bypass pedal is all hand-wired and individually tested by Contreras. It’s available for pre-order now with a price of $249.

Rocket Surgeon Labs Seratone: Mood Altering Fuzz Pedal Features:

True Bypass
Hand-Wired in USA
Lows, Highs, Mood, Volume Knobs

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