Talking Technique: “Mordents” for Finger Strength

Today we have another multi-layered workout for you to build up your finger strength. This lesson will help you practice a scale up and down one string while improving coordination and strengthening your fingers. It’s not a beginner’s workout, but wherever you are on your journey, give it a good try.

You’ll need to be ready to play hammer-ons and pull-offs with accuracy. (Check out this introduction lesson if you’re not familiar.) The exercise itself is based on a classical music idea that is called a mordent, which is an embellishment. There are many ways to play a mordent, and we’ll go through a few to beef up your technique. Be sure to stay relaxed and go slow for the first few times you try it.

Austrian-gone-Californian Ariane Cap is a bassist, educator, blogger and author. In her book Music Theory for the Bass Player and corresponding 20-week online course, she teaches music theory, bass technique, bass line creation and fretboard fitness in a systematic, practical and experiential way. She just released a brand new course on ear training for the bass player: Ear Confidence - 6 Paths to Fearless Ears. Contact her via her blog or website.

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