Ibanez Releases Big Mini Pedal Tuner

Ibanez Big Mini TunerIbanez has introduced a new line of MINI pedals, including the Big Mini pedal tuner. The compact pedal features a large LED display with Needle or Strobe tuning modes.

It offers up to ± 1 cent accuracy with a tuning range of A0 (27.50Hz) to C8 (4186Hz). A push button allows for drop tuning down four semitones, while a second button calibrates between 435 and 445 Hz.

The Ibanez Big Mini pedal tuner features true bypass. It will be available soon with a street price of $49.99.

Ibanez Big Mini Tuner Features:

Tuning Range: A0(27.50Hz) - C8(4186Hz)
Calibration: 435 - 445 Hz
Drop tune: Flat 4 semitones
Power Supply: External DC 9 Volt AC Adapter

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