Bassics BPA-1 Preamp Now Shipping

Bassics BPA-1 Analog Preamp

Diffusion Audio is now shipping the Bassics BPA-1 analog bass preamp. Designed by studio equipment designer Malcolm Toft, the BPA-1 packs a preamp, tone controls, and compression into a floor unit with footswitches for each section.

It has two inputs with two low-noise pickup amplifiers with individual level controls. The three-band EQ has Low Bass, Mid Bass, and High Bass sections with level and sweepable frequency controls for each. Footswitches allow for bypassing the EQ as a whole or the individual sections.

Its Compressor is tuned to bass and has a single knob for dialing it in. Other features include an effects loop, dual XLR and TRS direct outputs, and a Mute switch. Check out this demo with Malcolm Toft:

The Bassics BPA-1 is available now with a street price of $599.

Bassics BPA-1 Preamp Features:

Two low noise pick up amplifiers with individual level controls
Three band sweep EQ tailored for bass with individual bypass
Bass specific studio quality compressor
FX send and return with tuner support
Balanced DI outputs pre and post EQ - TRS and XLR
Illuminated controls and full signal metering
Massive headroom to avoid unwanted distortion
Self-contained universal power supply, idea for touring

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