Mu-FX Unveils the Micro-Tron III Envelope Filter

Mu-FX Micro-Tron III Envelope FilterMu-FX has expanded their pedal line with a new compact pedal. The Micro-Tron III is described as “a compact, convenient, and affordable” version of the classic Musitronics Corp. Mu-Tron III envelope filter, which was originally introduced in the 1972.

“The Micro-Tron III provides all the classic Jerry tone and Bootsy funk, in a pedalboard-friendly size and powered by industry-standard 9V DC,” the company writes. “We’ve also added an output level control and the ability to footswitch select between up and down drives.”

The pedal has three filter modes – lowpass, bandpass, and highpass – for setting its operation. A Range switch toggles between setting the filter sweep on Lo for lower notes and Hi for higher register sounds. Other controls include a Level knob, a Peak knob, a Gain knob, and an on/off footswitch. A 1/8-inch expression pedal input allows for fine tuning and achieving a wah-wah type effect.

Co-designed by Musitronics founder Mike Beigel and Rand Anderson, the Micro-Tron III is also a sneak peak at what Mu-FX fans can expect in the future. “This is the first product in the new micro series line,” Anderson states. “Mu-FX intends to introduce other Musitronic classics in this form factor to complete the compact lineup. While staying true to the original circuits [we] are applying modern tweaks for added features and improved playability.”

The Mu-FX Micro-Tron III is available now direct from for $249.

Mu-FX Micro-Tron III Envelope Filter Features:

Modes: Lowpass, Bandpass, Highpass
Range: Lo, Hi
Controls: (Output signal) Level , Filter Peak, Gain (and envelope response)
Footswitches: On/Off (BYPASS), Up/Down (SWEEP)
1/4″ Input Jack
1/4″ Output Jack
1/8″ EXP Pedal Jack
9V DC Power
Weight: 1 lbs
Dimensions: 4.75″ x 2.5″ x 2.25″
1 Year Limited Warranty
Made in the USA

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