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Groove – Episode #34: Julie Slick

Julie Slick
Photo by Diego Jesús Pizarro Espejo

Many people know Julie Slick as a virtuoso bassist and composer. Some know her best for her work in the progressive rock outfit, Adrian Belew Power Trio (yes, he of King Crimson fame).

Her story is much deeper and more astonishing than you might imagine. From her humble beginnings at the genesis of School of Rock to her own projects and music (EchoTest). Julie is someone who doesn’t just push the instrument forward – in terms of playing style, sound, and technology – but she is also someone trying to break boundaries of what people think of when they hear the bass. Often the loops and effects take the instrument (and her songs) to a whole other stratosphere. This is what makes her a truly original player and someone who defines groove in her own unique way. Melody, innovation, technology, technique and her own borderless attitude, makes Julie one of the most fascinating musicians laying it down these days.

Enjoy the conversation…

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Groove - The No Treble Podcast is hosted by Mitch Joel. Theme music written and performed by Aaron Gibson.

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