Bobby Vega Releases “Matters of the Heart” EP

Bobby Vega: Matters of the HeartBobby Vega has a reputation, or maybe several. He’s known for his incredible knowledge of bass gear. He’s known for being the go-to bassist in the Bay Area. He’s also known for grooving his ass off with a pick, but that’s not all there is to his playing. Now fans who know his funk and rock playing can get a look at another side of his musical personality with his new EP, Matters of the Heart.

The album features intimate solo bass compositions performed on his acoustic bass guitar. Melodic and introspective, the album’s eight songs all carry a very personal touch to them.

“Although Bobby has become world famous for his pioneering use of the pick on jazz basses in funk and rock settings, it is often lost on many that the touch of a fingerstyle guitarist, the feel of a soul singer, and the compositional ear of a master inform even the most basic approaches to any music for Bobby,” Nick Peters writes for the album’s liner notes. “In this often meditative EP, Bobby shows how transitions and melody can be expressed in new ways on acoustic bass where slight variations in feel, touch and timing can speak volumes emotionally. This is a subtlety often lost of the world of bassists chasing Bobby’s shadow – yes, it is hard to play fast and loud, but it is harder yet to play strong yet slow and soft. This is a lesson we mere mortals would do well to listen to again and gain… Enjoy folks, this one came from the heart.”

Matters of the Heart is available now on CD and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Matters of the Heart Track List:

  1. Because
  2. Watching You
  3. Run With You
  4. Jellyfish
  5. Healdsburg
  6. Surprise
  7. Fabiana
  8. Happy You Happy Me

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