Bass of the Week: Dahrendorf Guitars Dynasty V

Dahrendorf Guitars Dynasty V Bass

Luthier Sergey Poedinko sent us the details on his latest build and it’s a real beauty. The Dahrendorf Guitars Dynasty V is a five-string that imagines a bass guitar from 200 years ago.

“Like our other instruments, it’s balancing between classics and modernity,” Poedinko writes. “But unlike others, it’s much more smooth and fluent. Style and aesthetics came when I tried to imagine how might look hi-end bass of the 19th century.”

The Dynasty V is built with set-neck construction featuring a sapele body and neck as well as a pau ferro fingerboard. It also has a multi-scale neck with 35 inches at the B-string and 33 inches at the G string.

“For this bass, we hand-wound special Quad Pickup with four coils on Neodymium magnets,” he continues. “They’re all hidden under the ellipse Pao Ferro cover. This Quad pickup works as two independent noiseless pickups or one super humbucker with series or parallel connection. As always Neodymium pickups are clean and full but this time it’s more lows and mass in sound because we wound coils hotter than we usually do. We paired this pickup with our own recently designed onboard preamp with 2 bands of EQ. With this setup, the bass is very versatile and can be played in any musical genre.”

To round it out, the bass has solid brass hardware that is specially patinated for a classic look.

Dahrendorf Guitars Dynasty V Bass Specs:

Body:Sapele Mahogany
Neck:Sapele Mahogany 3-piece with Pao Ferro
Construction:Set-Neck Single cut
Fingerboard:Pao Ferro
Pickups:Neodymium Quad 4-Coil
Preamp:Dahrendorf 2-Band EQ with Bass & Treble
Hardware:2-Piece Brass Bridge

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