Hal Leonard Publishes “The First 15 Lessons: Bass Guitar” Instructional Book

The First 15 Lessons: Bass GuitarAre you a complete beginner or have someone interested in starting on bass? Hal Leonard has just published First 15 Lessons: Bass Guitar by Jon Liebman to aid fledgling players. The step-by-step lesson plan starts with holding the bass and graduates to playing open strings and beyond. While it covers the basics, the book gets you ready to jam with audio tracks, video lessons, and real songs.

“Suitable for self-teaching or for use with an instructor, you’ll build a solid foundation as you work through each lesson, learning the basics of the instrument and music reading, while practicing the many exercises, concepts and song excerpts within,” the book description reads. “Must-know instruction so you can start playing right away! Bonus online tuner and metronome included.”

The First 15 Lessons: Bass Guitar is available now for $9.99 through Amazon or JonLiebman.com.

The First 15 Lessons: Bass Guitar Table of Contents:

  1. First, a Few Things You Need to Know
  2. Getting Started: Groovin’ On Open Strings
  3. The 1-5 Pattern: A Bass Playing Essential
  4. Same-Fret 1-5 Patterns: There is a Difference
  5. Single String Grooves
  6. Playing Across The Fingerboard
  7. Position Shifts
  8. “Smooth” Santana
  9. Chromatics
  10. Minor Pentatonic Scale
  11. The Blues
  12. Rock
  13. Funk
  14. Swing/Shuffle
  15. “Get Ready” The Temptations
  16. About the Author

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