Walrus Audio Announces Luminary Octave Generator V2 Pedal

Walrus Audio Luminary Octave Generator V2 PedalWalrus Audio has revamped their Luminary Quad Octave Generator for 2018. The pedal, which offers four blendable octaves with filters, has been tweaked while retaining the same platform.

“With several tasteful updates, the brains of the Luminary V2 are still built on the Sharc DSP platform for crystal clear tracking and high-resolution A/D and D/A conversion,” Walrus writes.

Those updates include refined octave volume knobs, a lengthened attack time, a revised envelope low-pass filter, and a tremolo effect on the flutter knob. They also added smart momentary bypassing. The Luminary comes in a sand pebble textured finish with an updated version of artwork by Adam Forster.

The Walrus Audio Luminary is available for preorder with a retail price of $319. It will begin shipping April 24th.

Walrus Audio Luminary Octave Generator V2 Pedal Features:

Four Blendable Octaves
Dry/Wet Blend
Attack, Filter, Flutter Controls
Expression Pedal input
Power requirements are 9VDC (300mA minimum). (Power supply not included.)
Refined octave volume knobs
Lengthened attack time
Revised envelope low-pass filter
Tremolo effect on flutter knob
Added Smart Momentary Bypassing

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