Beetronics Introduces the Royal Jelly Overdrive/Fuzz Blender

Beetronics Royal Jelly Overdrive/Fuzz Blender PedalBeetronics has introduced the Royal Jelly, a handmade overdrive and fuzz blender pedal that sits in their Royal series. The unit allows for running two circuits in parallel so you can blend them together or use them like two separate pedals. Two blend presets called the King and Queen give quick access to different sounds.

“The presets allow the player not only to have two different sounds on the fly but also make for a very natural transition between them since instead of switching pedals, you are mixing the levels between the overdrive and fuzz,” Beetronics writes.

The Royal Jelly also has a dry blend, which they offer is a great feature for bass, drums, and synths. Other features include a Honey knob for setting the overdrive circuit gain, a buzz switch that adds high end to the fuzz circuit, and a 2-band EQ.

The Beetronics Royal Jelly is available now for $289.

Beetronics Royal Jelly Overdrive/Fuzz Blender Pedal Features:

2-Band EQ
Two Preset Knobs with Footswitch Selector
Dry Blend
Buzz Switch
9VDC Power

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