Bass Gear Roundup: The Top Gear Stories in September 2018

The year is flying by, and we’re closing out another month. Don’t worry about it, just enjoy the latest roundup of the top 10 reader favorite bass gear stories. Here’s the list for September.

Ashdown Engineering Introduces the Tone Pocket Portable Bass Headphone Amp

1. Ashdown Engineering Tone Pocket Portable Bass Headphone Amp

Ashdown has just introduced the Tone Pocket, a compact headphone preamp designed for practice, home studio, and stage applications. It allows for plugging in your bass for access to a 3-band EQ plus a line input for connecting a smartphone and, of course, a headphone output…

AC Guitars Unveils the Micro Krell Bass Guitar

2. AC Guitars Micro Krell Bass Guitar

AC Guitars has scaled down their Krell model with the new Micro Krell, a bass featuring a tiny 26.5-inch scale while still being tuned as a normal bass. Luthier Alan Cringean created the model…

Fodera Reveals James Genus Emperor 5 Elite Bass

3. Fodera James Genus Emperor 5 Elite Bass

Fodera has teamed up with bassist James Genus to release a new signature model of their Emperor 5 Elite bass. Genus, who has worked with the top names in jazz and is currently the house bassist for Saturday Night Live…

Boom Bass Cabinets Introduces the BBC Matrix

4. Boom Bass Cabinets BBC Matrix

Boom Bass Cabinets has expanded their lineup with the BBC Matrix, which is fitted with two 10-inch woofers, a 15-inch woofer, and a tweeter…

Fodera Adds Emperor-J 5 To Standard Classic Bass Series

5. Fodera Emperor-J 5 Standard Classic Bass Series

Fodera has added a five-string version of their Emperor-J to the Standard Classic line. The retro-styled instrument can be ordered in two different layouts to represent the tones of different eras…

GHS Strings Reintroduces Tapewound Bass Strings

6. GHS Strings Tapewound Bass Strings

After discontinuing the line in 2015, GHS Strings has reintroduced their Tapewound Bass strings. They’re designed to be dark and thumpy like a double bass…

Singular Sound Announces BeatBuddy Mini 2 Drum Machine Pedal

7. Singular Sound BeatBuddy Mini 2 Drum Machine Pedal

Singular Sound has expanded their compact drum machine pedals with the BeatBuddy Mini 2. Building upon its predecessor, the new pedal offers twice as many beats, improved sound quality, a reworked LED layout, and a new ergonomic footswitch…

Meris Unveils the Enzo Multi-Voice Instrument Synthesizer Pedal

8. Meris Enzo Multi-Voice Instrument Synthesizer Pedal

Meris has unveiled the Enzo, a multi-voice instrument synthesizer with four synth modes: mono for single lines, arp for arpeggiated sounds, poly for chords, and dry for disabling the synth…

Trickfish Amplification Unleashes the Trilobite Preamp Pedal

9. Trickfish Amplification Trilobite Preamp Pedal

After revealing it at the Winter NAMM show back in January, Trickfish Amplification has announced the Trilobite preamp pedal is available for pre-order…

Damnation Audio Introduces Ugly Twin Pedal

10. Damnation Audio Ugly Twin Pedal

Damnation Audio has released the Ugly Twin, an all-analog pedal that combines octave, boost, and fuzz effects into one unit…

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