MXR Unveils 10th Anniversary Carbon Copy Analog Delay Pedal

MXR 10th Anniversary Carbon Copy Analog Delay PedalIt’s been 10 years since MXR released their Carbon Copy analog delay pedal, and they’re celebrating with a 10th-anniversary edition. The pedal will come in a lightweight aluminum housing in a metallic silver finish.

“It’s got all the same Carbon Copy goodness that made it famous,” they write. “Use the Delay and Regen controls to dial in the time between repeats—up to 600ms—and how many repeats you want, and then use the Mix control to set the wet to dry signal ratio. Add in some modulation with the Mod switch to add wow and flutter a la vintage tape echo units or to simply give your repeats extra richness and depth.”

The pedal also has internal trimpots to adjust the width and rate. It’s available now for $149.99.

MXR 10th Anniversary Carbon Copy Analog Delay Pedal Features:

Special limited edition lightweight aluminum housing with metallic silver finish
Authentic analog bucket brigade warmth
Simple control interface for quick setup
Up to 600ms of delay time
Mod section for vintage tape echo wow and flutter

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