Video Premiere: Linus Klausenitzer’s Bass Playthrough of Obscura’s “Diluvium”

We’re proud to premiere a new playthrough video from Obscura bassist Linus Klausenitzer for the title track from their latest album. Diluvium, which is defined as a great oceanic flood, is the fourth and final part of their conceptual cycle. It is also their most evocative, diverse and vibrant release to date.

Klausenitzer’s 6/7-string fretless bass sound is an important trademark of the band. He is one of the busiest session bassists in the international metal scene and is well known for his bass workshops all around the globe.

“When I planned to record a playthrough video I decided to play the title track of the album,” he explains. “It is very different to what we have composed before and it has become one of my favorite tracks playing live. For this video, I wanted to have a visual setup in the style of the album artwork so we recorded it during our Diluvium Amerika tour. The bass that I use is an Ibanez Custom Fretless BTB based on a BTB1826E Premium.”

If you’re feeling brave enough, Klausenitzer adds that the Obscura website has tablature books for the music plus free playbacks for bassists that want to play their own version.

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