Andrew Gouché Releases Book of 20 Groove Lessons

Andrew Gouchè Bass Method: Grooves From The SoulAndrew Gouché’s online “Grooves From The Soul” bass lesson series is now available in a book format. The Andrew Gouché Bass Method compiles 20 grooves ranging from ’90s R&B to a Sade-inspired jam in standard music notation plus tab.

Just as important as the physical book is the access it gives to online content including full speed and half-speed video lessons of the grooves as well as backing tracks for practice and a special video masterclass with the bassist and Frederico Malaman.

“It’s an 80-minute video where I talk about myself, my bass method and how I became a professional bass player,” Gouché writes. “I talk about my experiences with some of the great artists I worked with such as Prince, Michael Jackson, Chaka Khan, and many others. Of course, I play many songs from my repertoire, and at the end of the session we had a very nice Q&A with the audience.”

Andrew Gouchè Bass Method: Grooves From The Soul is available now in paperback.

Andrew Gouché Bass Method Groove Lessons:

  1. 90s-R&B-Groove-in-Cm
  2. Back-In-Luv-Gruv-in-Em
  3. Funky-as-a-Gru-In-Ami
  4. Funky-Slap_gruv-in-F
  5. Funky-Thump-&-Pluck-Groove-in-E (standard tuning)
  6. Gospel-Groove1-Key-of-F# (standard tuning)
  7. Happy-Gruv-in-A
  8. JB-Groove-Key-of-E
  9. Marvin-Gaye-Groove-Key-of-E (standard tuning)
  10. Mid-Tempo-Soul-Groove-In-Eb
  11. Minneapolis-Groove-In-A (standard tuning)
  12. 6_8 Gospel Groove
  13. Funk House Gruv
  14. Funky Gospel Groove
  15. Gospel Shuffle groove
  16. Lovely Gruv In B
  17. Magic Funk In C
  18. Mary J Gruv in A
  19. Reggae Funk Gruv
  20. Sade gruv In Fmi

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