Godlyke Announces the EMMA Electronic Navigator Delay Pedal

Godlyke EMMA Electronic ND-1 Navigator Delay PedalGodlyke has announced the release of the ND-1 Navigator Delay from EMMA Electronic, which they say “offers everything you need in a delay pedal, and nothing you don’t.” This includes tap-tempo function, modulation, wet/dry outputs, trails, and beat-splits.

“The Navigator’s most unique feature is a separate Level control for the beat-split delay repeats,” Godlyke writes. “This option allows the user to emphasize the second delay voice, or to turn the main delay off entirely to create interesting new rhythmic delay effects.”

The ND-1 has Time, Feedback, Main D, Second, Color, Speed, and Depth knobs as well as switches for the beat-split and delay trails function. Other features include a buffered bypass with low impedance output and 9-volt battery or power adapter operation.

The EMMA Electronic ND-1 Navigator Delay is made in Denmark. It is available through Godlyke Distributing for $279.

Godlyke EMMA Electronic ND-1 Navigator Delay Pedal Controls and Features:

Time:Controls length of main Delay repeat
Feedback:Controls amount of Delay repeats
Main D:Controls level of main Delay voice
Second:Controls level of beat-split Delay voice
Color:Controls the tonality of the Delay voice, from dark to bright
Speed:Controls rate of Modulation from slow to fast
Depth:Controls degree of Modulation from subtle to extreme
Beat-Split Switch:Selects time interval for the secondary Delay voice
Tail:Turns on “delay trails” function so that repeats will continue in bypass
Tap Tempo:Allows user to tap in the Delay time with their foot
Wet/Dry Outputs:Splits wet and dry signals to separate outputs
Power:9-Volt battery or 9VDC power adaptor 70mA current draw
Bypass:Buffered bypass with low impedance output

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