House of Waters Releases “Rising”

House of Waters: RisingHouse of Waters has returned with a new album called Rising. The innovative trio, anchored by bassist Moto Fukushima, is known for their unusual instrumentation and exploratory music.

“It’s a very unique combination of instruments with hammered dulcimer, six-string bass, and drumset. It’s a trio, but there’s a lot going on,” Fukushima says. “People say it’s world music, but it has lots of rock elements, jazz elements, and South American music.”

Rising is described as capturing the spirit and spontaneity of the group. That happened in part because the seven-song album was recorded during an intense two-day session without the use of overdubs.

“Whenever we play live, there’s a deep communication between the three of us and also the audience. We wanted to capture a similar idea on this album,” the bassist states.

Check out Fukushima, bandleader Max ZT, and drummer Ignacio Rivas-Bixio talking about making the album in this EPK:

Rising is available now as a digital download via iTunes and Amazon MP3. Physical copies can be ordered from the band’s website.

Rising Track List:

  1. Renew
  2. Kites
  3. When I Play
  4. Wedding Song
  5. The Wall
  6. Together
  7. Midnight
  8. Shape of My Heart

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