West Co Pedals Now Shipping the Curt Bisquera Grease Juicer Pedal

West Co Pedals Grease Juicer PedalWest Co Pedals and drummer Curt Bisquera have teamed up to create a new envelope filter called The Grease Juicer. The pedal comes in two versions with one for guitar and one for bass. Bisquera, who is a renowned studio drummer, wanted to make something for his fellow musicians.

“For 30-plus years I’ve been playing with the most world-renowned artists and musicians – it just made sense for my first collab to create something for bassists, guitarists, and synth players that I knew I wanted to hear when I’m playing drums!” he said.

The Grease Juicer has knobs to control Sense (sensitivity), Juice (Resonance), and Volume. Two mini knobs let you adjust the Sizzle, which is a gating effect, and the Grease, which is the fuzz.

Check out this demo by Jason Scheff to hear it on bass:

The West Co Pedals Grease Juicer is available now with a street price of $329.

West Co Pedals Grease Juicer Pedal Features:

Buffer/Splitter/Fuzz/Envelope Filter
Sense, Juice, Volume knobs
Sizzle and Grease Mini Knobs
Grease and Juice Footswitches
Handmade by Bob Daspit

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