David Pastorius Releases “Radio Gold”

David Pastorius: Radio GoldDavid Pastorius has released Radio Gold, an album that blends various genres all tied together by the bassist’s incredible playing. Whether it’s hip hop, rock, or jazz, it’s all just natural to him.

“As far as the different elements, I feel like it is what naturally comes out,” Pastorius told Tru Rock Revival. “It is not a contrived plan to [say] ‘Oh, I’m going to mix this.’ It’s just what happens. And especially with the guys I play with. That’s just the sound we came up with.”

Radio Gold is anchored by the bassist’s Local 518 bandmates with a plethora of guests: Pat Travers, David K. Matthews, Tom allen, Wisney Fernandez, Carl Lewis, Ndgo Blaq and more. Fellow bassist Michel Laredo, aka Momo, also contributes to the song “Supersonic.”

Check out “Pit Bike,” featuring Pat Travers:

Radio Gold is availble now for download on Amazon and iTunes. Physical CDs are available from the bassist’s website.

Radio Gold Track List:

  1. Rojas
  2. Day One
  3. Supersonic
  4. Thunderfoot
  5. Snake Pliskin
  6. Got It Good
  7. The Chase
  8. Candle Box
  9. Nikoa
  10. Shooting Star
  11. Fake News
  12. Pit Bike
  13. Han Solo
  14. Radio Gold

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