Mid Valley FX Introduces the Elevation Fuzz Pedal

Mid Valley FX Elevation Fuzz PedalMid Valley FX has expanded their pedal range with the Elevation Fuzz, an original gated fuzz circuit that offers a wide range of tones. The pedal dishes out “huge dirty sounds with octave overtones to sputter velcro tones at lower gain settings.”

It has three controls: Volume, Fuzz, and Frequency, which the company says “takes you from flatter tonal frequencies to full-on power adding more saturation to your overall sound with a very user-friendly sweep that sounds pleasing in any setting.”

The Mid Valley FX Elevation Fuzz is available now for $140.

Mid Valley FX Elevation Fuzz Pedal Features:

3 knobs to control Volume, Fuzz, and Frequency
True bypass on/off switch
9-volt operation and standard DC input

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  1. Trey Smith

    Here’s a cool demo…I kind of like the bitcrushed beginnings and ends of the notes. It has a really dense gritty sound.