On-Stage Announces the DB200 Mini DI Box

On-Stage DB200 Mini DI BoxOn-Stage has introduced a new compact DI box called the DB200. The mini DI box transfers high-impedance 1/4-inch sources (bass, guitars, and keyboards) into a low-impedance XLR signal that’s ready for mixing boards or recording consoles.

The small design was created with pedalboards in mind, so On-Stage ships it with hook and loop tape. Other features include a ±20dB pad, a cabinet simulator, and ground lift.

The On-Stage DB200 Mini DI Box will be available soon with a TBD price point.

On-Stage DB200 Mini DI Box Specs:

Controls:± 20dB pad, Cab Sim, Ground Lift
Input Impedance:1M Ohms
Output Impedance:1K Ohms
Current Draw:12mA
Power Supply:9V DC, center negative (not included)

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  1. Alex

    I believe that all those mini DIs are made in the same factory and rebranded… All of them look exactly the same and have the same features…

    • Dave

      Yep this is just a rebranded Mooer micro DI

      • Which is a rebranded generic DI as referenced above. But if the onstage version is $20 like you can get these for on eBay, then no problem. If they price it a lot higher, then I hope people know what it really is.