Verellen Amps and Sub Pop Unveil the Sub Fuzz Pop Drive Pedal

Verellen Amplifiers/Sub Pop Sub Fuzz Pop Drive PedalTwo famous Seattle companies have teamed up for something special. Verellen Amplifiers and the record label Sup Pop have announced the Sub Fuzz Pop Drive, an effects pedal that houses both an overdrive and a fuzz circuit that can be used separately or together. It also has a midrange scoop for tonal shaping.

“When both effects are engaged, the output of the overdrive runs in to the input of the fuzz in such a way that the user can step up from a normal uncolored sound to a gritty overdriven grind then to a huge fuzzed out roar,” they write.

Hear a monstrous demo on bass and explanation by Marc Najjar:

The Sub Fuzz Pop Drive is limited to 100 units. It’s available now with a direct price of $315.

Verellen Amplifiers/Sub Pop Sub Fuzz Pop Drive Pedal Features:

Limited to 100 Units
Overdrive/Fuzz Circuits
Fuzz Controls: Fuzz, Volume, Bass, Treble
Overdrive Controls: Overdrive, Volume, Tone
Mid Scoop Switch
Independent Footswitches

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