TWA Introduces the Side Step Pedal

TWA Side Step Pedal

TWA has announced the Side Step, which is a variable-state, tap-tempo low-frequency oscillator. It’s designed to be used to control “practically any device with an expression input and/or +5V control voltage source.”

“The Side Step concept arose from discussions with Dweezil Zappa, who had envisioned a sample/hold function for the TWA Triskelion,” the company writes. “Our tech came up with an idea to slave the Triskelion to an external LFO via its expression jack in order to generate the S/H effect without having to alter the existing circuit.”

The LFO rate can be controlled with a tap tempo, an onboard rate pot, or an external expression pedal. There are also eight different waveform options for setting the LFO. Other features include an expression input with an expression thru switch.

Check out this demo featuring the Side Step in conjunction with a Boss SYB-5 bass synthesizer:

The TWA Side Step will be shipping this month for $179.

TWA Side Step Pedal Features:

8 LFO Waveforms
LFO Variable Rate Knob
Expression Input with Thru Switch
Tap Tempo Switch

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