MonoNeon Releases “Toxic Wasteland 2 The Hills”

MonoNeon: Toxic Wasteland 2 The HillsMonoNeon kicked the new year off right by releasing a fresh album called Toxic Wasteland 2 The Hills. The eight-song collection continues the bassist’s unreal sense of groove and melody. It also has a loose theme of self-care.

“This is a public service announcement issued to humans,” MonoNeon shared. “There has been an outbreak of lost humans looking for their soul. Symptoms include confusion, heartbreak, chronic crying, suicidal thoughts, and unfortunately death. Please, we advise you to quickly go to the hills to heal.”

Check out the track “Live, Learn, Bye and Fly”:

Toxic Wasteland 2 The Hills is available now as a download via BandCamp.

Toxic Wasteland 2 The Hills Track List:

  1. Toxic Wasteland 2 The Hills
  2. Do You Remember The Days In New York?
  3. Wish Our Party Would’ve Last
  4. Live, Learn, Bye and Fly
  5. The Sunken Place Instrumental
  6. Going Cold Turkey From Your Touch
  7. The Price I Have To Pay For Not Loving You Right
  8. Live, Learn, Bye and Fly [Remix] feat. Sean Wright

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