MXR Unveils the Thump Bass Preamp Pedal

MXR Thump Bass Preamp PedalMXR unveiled the Thump bass preamp at this year’s Winter NAMM Show. Based on the Echoplex preamp, the compact green pedal features a three-band EQ with a mid-frequency knob.

“The Echoplex Preamp circuit conditions your signal with a carefully balanced EQ profile, and this pedal’s tone controls let you take it from there,” MXR shared.

“The Treble and Bass knobs cut or boost frequencies at 8 kHz and 40 Hz respectively, while the Mid knob cuts or boosts the midrange as set by the Frequency knob, from 250 Hz to 1 kHz. This range of frequencies was selected to give players maximum flexibility and minimal fuss when refining their bass signal.”

They add that the preamp can be used to punch up a solo, boost your sound in a live mix, or add more edge to a passive bass sound.

You can hear the pedal in this Sweetwater demo by MXR’s Darryl Anders:

The MXR Thump Bass Preamp will be available in February with a price point of $129.99.

MXR Thump Bass Preamp Pedal Features:

Echoplex Circuitry
Bass, Mid, Treble Controls
Mid Frequency Knob
Output Level
MXR Mini Housing

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