Fishman Introduces Fluence Legacy Series Pickups with Mike Inez

Fishman Fluence Legacy Series Mike Inez PickupsFishman’s new multi-voiced Fluence pickups have gotten a new sub-category with the Fluence Legacy series, which brings recording artists in to recreate the tone for which they are known. They’ve launched the lineup with Alice in Chains bassist Mike Inez, who brought his main axe dubbed the Moon bass in to be replicated. The bass was given to him by Ozzy Osbourne and has served him for much of his career.

“It has magic pickups that I have unsuccessfully been trying to replicate forever…until now. With Fluence, it’s nailed,” Inez states.

The new pickups are sized to retro-fit most four and five-string soap bar-equipped basses. They come as a single pickup or in a set with a standard Fluence Soapbar pickup in the bridge position. It has two voices, the first of which is an exact sonic copy of the Moon Bass. The second is a warmer vintage tone. The bridge pickup has three voices: a passive fat sound, a full-frequency sound, and a funky hi-fi scoop. Hear the Inez-specific voicings in this clip of the bassist demoing the pickups:

The Mike Inez Legacy Series Pickups will be available soon with prices of $185 for the single pickup and $350 for the set.

Fishman Fluence Legacy Series Mike Inez Pickups Features:

Four or five-string versions
Fits most Soapbar sizes
Includes 2-band EQ with bass/treble
Includes Blend Pot (set only)
Includes Push-Pull Pot for Volume/Coil Split
Includes 3-way Mini Toggle for Voice Selection (set only)
*All components required to achieve Fluence Bass wiring scheme

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