ZVEX Effects Announces the Fuzz Factory 7 Raw Pedal

ZVEX Effects Fuzz Factory 7 Raw PedalZVEX Effects has just released a special run of their Fuzz Factory 7 utilizing two NOS 1960s 2N404 germanium transistors. Created during the COVID-19 pandemic, the new pedal was hand-assembled at home by the ZVEX crew and has a raw aluminum enclosure.

In addition to volume, gate, compression and drive controls, the Fuzz Factory 7 has a nine-position rotary switch to control the internal tone of the fuzz. “[It gets] fatter and subbier to the left and thinner and reedier to the right. [The subs] switch will obviously change the oscillation range of the pedal as well when the other knobs are set to an oscillating or squealing tone. Around the middle, you’ll find the original Fuzz Factory setting.”

Hand-painted Fuzz Factory 7’s normally go for $459, but ZVEX has the Fuzz Factory 7 Raw has special pricing. “The FF7 Raw is being offered at a special price and additional 20% will be automatically discounted at check-out,” they add. That makes the sale price $287.

ZVEX Effects Fuzz Factory 7 Raw Pedal Features:

Subs Switch
9-Position Tone Control
Knobs: Gate, Comp, Drive, Stab, Tone
Power: 9V DC or 9-volt Battery

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