The Strandberg Project Releases Tenth Album

Strandberg Project: XTwenty-five years after his first album, Jan-Olof Strandberg has released his tenth album called X. The bassist describes his latest work as “more from the progressive world but at the same time some more Jazz is featured.” Strandberg enlisted some of Finland’s top musicians including saxophonist Juhani Aaltonen, beatboxer Felix Zenger, and drummer Hasse Walli, in addition to his already stellar band.

“This was a really challenging project much more work than usual. To get the musician’s schedules to match and then the mixing took much more time than expected,” Strandberg writes. “A few songs were decided to be left out from the album because of the stretching schedule but also because we wanted to have a tight, even, and good sounding album from the first note to the last.”

You can hear the scope of the project in this trailer video:

X is available now through Seacrest Oy and streaming on Spotify.

X Track List:

  1. Anni
  2. Good News
  3. Late August Nights
  4. Saimi
  5. Jungle Life
  6. Progressive II
  7. Happy Country
  8. Chaotic Conversation
  9. The Finale (Thank You)

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