Janek Gwizdala Releases “Bass Player’s Guide to Pentatonics”

Bass Player's Guide to PentatonicsJanek Gwizdala has just released a new instructional book called Bass Player’s Guide to Pentatonics, which focuses on the many uses of the pentatonic scale. Available in paperback and digital versions, the book comes with a complete video masterclass with Gwizdala and forty play-along tracks to help you hone your chops.

“Presented in four parts, this book takes you on a journey of pentatonics through their endless and amazing uses: learn the most useful scale fingerings, how to solo on “Giant Steps,” master funky bass lines and fills, and expand your ear to create innovative melodies and solos,” the bassist and educator shared. “The pentatonic ideas in this book transcend genre boundary, and are guaranteed to add something new to your playing.”

The book is available now for $40. You can find the paperback version on Amazon and the eBook version on Gwizdala’s website.

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