Hilbish Design Introduces Sol-Invictus Preamp Pedal

Hilbish Design Sol-Invictus Preamp PedalHilbish Design has announced the Sol-Invictus Preamp Pedal. Designed for both guitar and bass, the enclosure combines a two-channel preamp, a bi-amp rig, a drive pedal, and direct box. It also takes its cues from some classic heavy-sounding amps.

“The Sol-Invictus is a dual-channel preamp based on the Hilbish Design betaPREAMP which has its roots in the classic SUNN Beta Lead and Bass amplifier,” the company explains. “It features two channels that can be run independently or combined in parallel. Each channel features a drive control that is highly responsive to dynamic playing and can go from clean to light overdrive to full-on fuzz. Both channels feature an active three-band EQ and level control for maximum tone shaping.”

The channels are controlled with three footswitches: one for toggling between A and B, one for running the channels in parallel, and one for bypassing them altogether. Each of the channels has independent outputs, allowing you to effectively run into a stereo power amplifier for a bi-amp rig. Other I/O includes an instrument output for going into an amp, a line out for a mixing board and a balanced TRS output for DI applications that require long cable runs.

The Hilbish Sol-Invictus will ship soon with a street price of $350.

Hilbish Design Sol-Invictus Preamp Pedal Features:

Dual Channel Preamp with Independent and Parallel Function
Gain, three-band EQ, Level Controls for each channel
Master Volume
Three Footswitches: Bypass, Both Channels, A/B Toggle
Balanced Out
Line Out
Instrument Out
Independent Channel Outs
9V 200ma center negative supply

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