Janek Gwizdala Publishes “Bass Player’s Guide to Sight-Reading”

Janek Gwizdala: Bass Player's Guide to Sight-ReadingJanek Gwizdala is tackling another common issue for bassists with his latest instructional book, Bass Player’s Guide to Sight-Reading. The eBook is a complete approach to what the author calls “one of the most universal hurdles faced by bassists today.”

“The guide is truly comprehensive through your entire journey with reading: while page one’s whole and half notes may seem elementary, the final page would challenge even the world’s best sight-readers,” Gwizdala writes. “The process covers all the bases of mastering the most essential pitches and rhythms, constructing an unshakeable foundation on which to build things like sixteenth-note syncopation, odd time signatures, and even feeling comfortable reading bass melodies in treble clef.”

The book is accompanied by over 80 videos that provide a deeper understanding of each lesson and example. Gwizdala also includes 46 play-along tracks to put the concepts to work.

Janek Gwizdala’s Bass Player’s Guide to Sight-Reading is available now as an eBook through his website. A physical copy is coming soon from Amazon.

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  1. Paul A. Gollata

    If we purchase the new course now, will a book be mailed later? or how much will it be on Amazon?