Ron Carter Adds 2 New Books to Library

Ron Carter: From the Bottom Up and 9 Ron Carter Bass Line Transcriptions

Jazz master Ron Carter has added two new books to the library on his web store. First is a new transcription book featuring nine of the maestro’s bass lines. The bassist advises that the goal is not to memorize the lines but to learn from his use of rhythm, note choices, patterns, and harmony.

“The goal is not to be able to play the specific notes transcribed (that particular musical moment happened only once) but to recognize when each student’s own musical moment has arrived and gives them a structure for how to create their own improvisations, with their own fellow musicians,” the book description explains. “More than just a book of transcribed notes, it’s like a travel guide through improvisation that every bass player should study.”

The second new book is From the Bottom Up by Gui Duvignau, who interviewed seven bassists to get their views on issues ranging from getting their sound to technique to equipment and more. The interviewees are Mr. Carter himself, Buster Williams, Ron McClure, Mike Richmond, Jay Anderson, Drew Gress, and Christian McBride. Each bassist doles out wisdom in chapters with titles like “Influences,” “Time,” and “Opportunities and Concepts.”

Both new books are available through in both spiral bound book and PDF formats. 9 Ron Carter Bass Line Transcriptions is $19.95 and From the Bottom Up is $22.95.

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