Leland Sklar Announces New Book, “Everybody Loves Me”

Lee Sklar: Everybody Loves Me

The great Leland Sklar has announced his new book, Everybody Loves Me, is now available for order. The “coffee table masterpiece” is filled with over 6,000 unique photos of celebrities and fans in Sklar’s signature pose of flipping the bird.

Sklar’s iconic bass lines have graced over 26,000 albums and helped provide the soundtrack for generations. He has toured and recorded with James Taylor, Carole King, Jackson Brown, Linda Ronstadt, Phil Collins, Toto, and many more. It was along this journey that Sklar began collecting this unique set of photos.

“‘Everybody Loves Me’ had created a buzz long before the book even came out,” a press release explains. “Random people and fans were known to walk up to Sklar giving him the bird before ever saying hello. According to Sklar, noticing the expressions on people’s faces as they held up their middle finger was of artistic interest to him while shooting the photographs.”

Hear Sklar talking about the book in this release video:

Everybody Loves Me is available for order directly from Sklar’s website for $60 or $80 for a signed copy.

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  1. I bet it’s worth the bucks.